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Jul 23,2018 at 07:57 am

Congratulations to the leaders who made 50,000BV(Business Volume) in Arkonix Mining. They are now qualified for the Arkonix Mining Europe Tour. 

Moral lesson; if you don't give up you can succeed in anything/everything you do.  

To succeed in life, and to experience a rapid growth on Arkonix Mining platform you will need more than your individual charming skills and knowledge. 

You must learn to be a Team player if you must go far. 

Here are the attributes of a team player to guide you into the week.

1.  Adaptable - if you won't change for  the  team  the team  may change you. 

2.  Collaborative - walking together precedes winning together. 

3.  Committed - there are  no half-hearted champions. 

4.  Communicative - a team is many  voices with a  single heart 

5.  Competent - if you can't, your team can't.

6.  Dependable  - Teams go to  go-to  players 

7.  Disciplined - where there's a will, there's a win. 

8.  Enlarging - adding  value to  teammates is invaluable. 

9.  Enthusiastic  - your  heart is the source of energy for the team. 

10. Intentional - make  every action count. 

11. Mission Conscious - the (big) picture is coming in  loud and clear. 

12. Prepared - preparation can mean  the difference between winning and losing. 

13. Relational  - if you get along, others will go along. 

14. Self-Improving - to  improve the team, improve yourself. 

15. Selfless - there is no I in team. 

16. Solution Oriented - make a resolution to find the solution. 

17. Tenacious  - never,  never, never quit. 

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