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Apr 23,2018 at 04:46 pm

In this world, we have a special group of people known as the "THINKERS". The elites do not like THINKERS because they pose a threat to whatever plan they have been working on and the atrocities they plan to unleash on humanity. The only THINKERS they like are the ones they can control to do their bidding. If a THINKER steps out of line, he/she is eliminated immediately.

Have you noticed how programmed our lives are from birth? From the day we were born, we are either being gradually groomed to become slaves to debt slavery system or we have no access at all. The Education system we all get into from the start is a well-designed system/factory to keep us from being THINKERS.
Why ? you may ask. Because THINKERS if given the chance will destroy all the plans of the elites and there is nothing they can do about it.

Everyone is put through an assembly line to become slaves to the debt slavery system. Those of us who show potential to be more than average are tagged and separated from the rest and further brain washed, given scholarships of untold amounts of money to end up serving the elite slave merchants working for the overlords and become more enslaved into the slave system.

For people who work, you spend nothing less than 50 hours a week working and struggling to put food on the table and IT IS AND WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH. This constant struggle prevents us from becoming THINKERS. Some are CONTENT with this system we're all trapped in because they have given in completely to being brain washed and they are OK with constantly being deceived.

The Cryptocurrency mining revolution and most especially ARKONIX is being led by THINKERS and is gradually unleashing other THINKERS back into the world. THINKERS not controlled by the elites are creating more and more THINKERS every day.

Imagine a world where you wake up every day and you do not have to worry about what to eat or where to sleep. Most people argue that a world with no worries will create lazy people. We can CATEGORICALLY and EMPHATICALLY say those people are DEAD WRONG. When you wake up in a world with little to worry about, you suddenly become MORE CREATIVE and you begin to unleash your TRUE NATURE as INTELLIGENT BEINGS.

ARKONIX MINING is on a mission to create EMPOWERED THINKERS that will change the WORLD. 

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