Oct 26,2018 at 04:52 pm

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Insta share consists of a 4 step process of sharing, now let’s get you started. 


What do you get?

5% on Insta sharing with 5 simple Steps.

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How do you get it?

If you are already member go to step 2

How to get 5%  discount coupon from Insta share?

Step 1: Register and complete & update your profile or login to your user panel.

Step 2: Click on Share

Step 3: Click on Insta Share

Step 4: Click on Facebook button

Step 5: Click to post on Facebook

Step 6: Enter Your Facebook Username

Step 7: Click on Next

Step 8: Follow same steps 4 to 7 for twitter ,google plus and LinkedIn

Step 9: Select yes or no that depends upon your choice then press Submit.