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Aug 20,2018 at 07:09 am

It's no doubt we are the fastest growing Cryptocurrency mining community around the world. Our professionalism exceeds the mining business as we are also committed to growing the largest Crypto-Community of miners that will transform the world financial systems. 
To attain these goal, there's a need to restructure our communicating system and improve our business relationship. 

More than 124.5 billion business e-mails are sent and received each day all over the world. When it feels as if all of them have landed in your in-box, and it becomes too difficult to manage all. ARKONIX MINING MAIL MANAGEMENT is here to help tame the chaos.

MAIL MANAGEMENT feature helps miners within the community communicate faster without exchange of email address, Here is how it works. 

Login to your Mining Account and Click the Dashboard Menu

Click on MAIL MANAGEMENT and select COMPOSE 

Fill in recipient USERNAME, write message and click SEND. 

Now that you can reach out to your network and connects easily with this feature. Login now and spread the news. 

If you're new on this platform, it's never too late to join us. Our registration is FREE. 

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