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Jun 26,2018 at 08:11 am

Education is probably the single most influential tool to ensure that poor countries have the resources to pull themselves out of poverty. While many historic, social, economic, political and international issues play an important role in Africa’s existing educational situation, one can only hope that the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency will shed some light on the existing roadblocks that the continent faces in fighting its education poverty.

There are 12 countries in Africa–namely Malawi, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Chad, Ethiopia, Congo, South Africa, Namibia and Comoros–in which 30 percent or more of children do not meet a minimum standards of learning by grades four or five.

Addressing Africa's education crisis, ?African governments must implement policies that reduce poverty in rural areas, such as adopting blockchain technology and development of its infrastructure in such sector like health, finance, politics, core-education, and agriculture. 

While urbanization is certainly good for Africa’s industrialization and economic growth, a synergy between rural and urban development needs to be maintained if the quality of education in rural Africa is to be improved. 

To vitalise such addendum Africans must embrace the opportunities that comes with cryptocurrency dealings and lend their heart to proper education on how to prosper and create wealth that is trans-generational. 

Since inception, Arkonix Mining has announced their keen interest in the prosperity of Africa's community,and therefore extending the most profitable cryptocurrency mining opportunities that offers a 15 years package deals at affordable hashrates. 

So if you believe in the child-education in Africa, and in the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency mining to generate wealth and improve the life of Africans, then it's time to swing into action and stop waiting on the government. Cryptocurrency is giving power back to the people to decide who they want to be. 

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