Aug 22,2019 at 04:01 pm



A good number of investors these days are realizing the real value of Bitcoin and how it is touted as the "go-to" refuge when everything else in the economy starts to go sideways. 

Being naturally autonomous and uncontrolled by government regulation, the digital currency is sovereign and ungoverned by the policies and limitations set forth by a federal financial institution or government official.

Bitcoin's 'protective lining' helped it hit recent multi-month peaks as global recession fears triggered a gloomy equity sell-off in key markets around Asia, Europe and America. In layman's terms, investors seek cover in the virtual currency because they are left with no other choice.

The economic meltdown like 2000, 2008 and the recent unforeseen China/US drama, might have set an off shoot for Bitcoin’s value as analysts suggested. Well clearly they can't be right, because Bitcoin is designed to thrive as it is limited in supply and thus deflationary in nature. Also, the government cannot just print new bitcoins so it is highly likely that a humongous wealth transfer might happen in Bitcoin’s market cap in a situation of uncertainty.

BTC and other altcoins have got a positive money flow since they are digitally mined and every block made increases their monetary base. For instance, a recent research revealed that it will require BTC $9 million of new (fresh) money has to flow in daily in order to match new supply, however, it is not direct due to the fact that miners can hold on their Bitcoin, yet for the price to skyrocket, less money has to flow in daily.

The digital gold (BTC), will continue to be the lifeline for all economic crisis with the role of restoring financial stability to owners across the world. So regardless of the volatility, it's always a call to our power investors to secure a future in the crypto space. 

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BTC $500 22 TH/s
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You can earn an average of $139.89/month
Maximum earning for this package $ 153.879 per month Actual earning for this package $ 132.8955 per month Algorithm SHA-256 Daily Fees $ 3.11
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