Jul 03,2018 at 12:41 pm

Is BTC Really Worth $ 20k or more? Or maybe the biggest buyers in the market are not investors who expect to use this currency after 20 years, but speculators who expect to make a nice bite buck in two months? Or seriously, maybe this game shouldn’t be called investing, and buyers are not investors, but speculators? Is it worth to rely on future price charts that predict the value of BTC to be 100k+ in the future, regardless of how rich the person is or what academic backround such prophet has? This is why the term DYOR (Do Your Own Research) exists. 

Today i want to encourage you to join us in this research on how you can profit in BTC cryptocurrency dealings even while others are loosing. 


Quite a worrisome numbers of investors has lost their hard earned money since the recent down trend in Bitcoin price, major crypto startups are waving goodbye and banks offering credit facilities are taking a U-turn. 

Research revealed that major crypto investors/buyers are in the game to get rich quick, this motive led newbies into crypto trading, exchanges and buying to hold which has become less profitable today. 

but the question remains 'how can i invest in Bitcoin and not lose?' 


All new Bitcoin that is created acts as a reward and incentive mechanism for people to contribute their computers to the system to help process transactions. With Bitcoin mining, the cost of this global system has just been spread over thousands of computers, and they recoup their cost through newly minted Bitcoin. In short, it’s simply why it is called a decentralised system or structure for modern day transaction.

while you hold, the smart ones take advantage of this system to generate wealth and due to the complexity of setting up a mining rig, ARKONIX MINING offers you the opportunity to profit through her platform daily with a contract that extends over 15 years. 

Start earning within 5munites of registration.

sign up now. 

BTC $500/one time

Earn an average $139.89/month

  • Hashpower 22 TH/s
  • Mining days: 360
  • Alghoritm: SHA-256
  • Daily Fees: $3.11

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How much can you earn with

BTC $500 22 TH/s
BTC $2800 74 TH/s
You can earn an average of $139.89/month
Maximum earning for this package $ 153.879 per month Actual earning for this package $ 132.8955 per month Algorithm SHA-256 Daily Fees $ 3.11
You can earn an average of $475.08/month
Maximum earning for this package $ 522.588 per month Actual earning for this package $ 451.326 per month Algorithm SHA-256 Daily Fees $ 6.99