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Educating Children About Cryptocurrency and Savings

Oct 08,2018 at 12:35 am





For the most people the world of crypto is still frightening and could be quite complex, though there’s a great potential have to be understood such as trustless services or decentralization.

There are bunch of sources of enlightening for adults but not much for the new, young generation – children. Without a doubt they will grow up in a world surrounded by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and various possible scenarios regarding whole financial system.

It is important to educate children about saving in cashless society


Traditional piggy banks used to be great, but they are going out of the scope as technology steps further. Project African Child Education modernizes old fashioned education for saving money in cryptocurrency style through Cryptocurrency Mining Investment. 

ArkonixMining, based in Switzerland is a Crypto Mining company that enables micro-financing for families worldwide by giving parents and children access to products and services that accelerate financial literacy.

This project kick-started in Africa and it's going viral as other Crypto-Nations join ArkonixMining platform. The children empowerment social program tagged PAY ONCE, WE PAY ON gives a permanent solution to the payment of school fees and as well delivers in action such incentives like School bags, Notebooks and other writing materials. 


First step is REGISTER a Child on our platform, make an investment and let's handle the rest. 

ArkonixMining Management has decided to make available representatives to visit schools and to organize such educuational programmes that will fashion a very creative and playful way to teach children about basics of modern finance from early days.

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