Sep 23,2019 at 12:24 pm

For the very first time we have created an unfalsifiable, Blockchain certified online Cryptocurrency wallet/exchange.

Our goal is to continue to make your life easy by building a new financial ecosystem through a secured Digital Wallet/Exchange accessible anywhere in the world. Users must undergo simple registration process using our secured system of verification to gain access.

Here are steps to register;

1. Visit and click on "Sign Up"

2. Input Username, Email, Password and click "Sign Up"

3. Proceed to Email Verification and Sign In again.

4. Write down 12 word backup phrase and keep a copy in a secured place 

5. Setup your 2FA to keep your account secured, your options are; 

a) Skip it, as you can always set up the 2FA later. 

b) Google Authenticator

c) Mail OTP

6. Enter verification code for account processing and your wallet is ready! 

If you are already an existing Arkonix user; 

1. Simply Logon to with the same username and password as your Arkonix Mining account.