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Apr 20,2018 at 08:13 am

Have you been hearing about Arkonix Mining, and you don't know how it works. Here is the proper introduction to a life of cryto-currency mining that comes with unbeatable mining opportunities you can't get anywhere else.   

What is Arkonix?
Arkonix is a company that offers mining of the 7 largest and most successful cryptocurrencies on the market, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, Z-Cash and Dash.

What is it about?
Mining is easily explained as the process of the creation of cryptocurrencies, this is what we do by investing a certain amount of our own choice from $50 up to $4800, there is no limit to how many mining pools one can buy.

How much can you earn?
There are two ways to earn money with Arkonix, the first is the investment part.
You can invest between $50 up to $4800, depending on the investment you will receive a certain amount of hash power, the more hash power you have the more return you will get. This is residual and will be paid daily to your account in Arkonix

The Marketing 
You can work with the company and promote Arkonix, which will give you a bonus for every person who invests and buys a mining package. There is no obligation to refer people to join the business in order for you to earn, bu only investing in a mining pool you will make daily residual mining income but if you choose to market the business as well you will earn extra commission paid out on 11 levels of partners below you (see PDF for more information on marketing plan)

How long does it take before you start earning?
After the first deposit for mining, the first mining result will be after 24 hours.

How often can i withdraw my commission?
"You can withdraw money every 7 days and there is no maximum limit for how much you can withdraw.

If there is any question or something that needs clarification, please take the liberty of joining us on Telegram or Email us to let us know and we will help out.


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5% Cash-Back on Signing Up through our Affiliates.
We have introduce this option in order to further enhance our support towards our affiliates & marketers. 
This option should greatly improve our online marketer’s conversion rates. 
Before Sign Up, any new user who prefer to register via one of our numerous affiliates benefits from the 5% Cash-Back

NOTE: Cash-Back is valid only for new users having registered via an
Arkonix Affiliates and who have purchased a Mining Pool within 7 days of 

Arkonix Mining has also Introduced another feature where you can convert Your Accumulated mining into Cash Account.

1.Your "Accumulated Mining" will be converted into "Cash Account" on bases of Real-Time price of particular cryptocurrency.
2.Your "Accumulated Mining" of particular cryptocurrency would be equivalent or greater than $25 during conversion in "Cash Account"
3.We inform users to keep in mind that Conversion fees will apply according to the the cryptocurrency current Transaction Rates.

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