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A lever is something that enables you to open or lift something by applying a little force at one end while it generates a greater force at the other end.

Life will be very tedious if you have to do everything based on your own strength. The most successful people, therefore, are those who have mastered the art of leverage.

There are many things around us that we can leverage to make life a lot more pleasant for us. Some of them we will be looking at today.

1. Time

Time is one thing that we all have on an equal measure. Nobody has more time than another person. We have all been given 24 hours each. The difference is what you do with those 24 hours.

You can get almost anything done if you start early. A lot of us waste a large chunk of the time we have and then start lamenting that we don’t have enough time.

Leverage your time of trials to develop character.

Leverage your time of isolation to develop yourself.

Leverage your time of job-hunting to learn a new skill.

2. Ideas

Everything you see around you today was once an idea in someone's mind. ?This tribe was once an idea in my mind.

Just one idea can change your life forever. Not all ideas will work out, at least not immediately. But no idea will work if you don’t try to execute them and that is what it means to leverage on an idea.

3. People

Don’t try to be a superman or superwoman. And don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. The worst you will get is a No.

Everybody that helped me when I needed to make my first sales were people that I thought never believed in me.

4. Systems

Systems are a set of things working together to produce a common result. Just as you have the respiratory, digestive, reproductive systems in your body, there are also external systems you can leverage to make life easier and get results faster.

The different Facebook groups you belong to, for example, are systems  you can leverage to enhance or promote your products.

5. Money

Money gives you great leverage but few people know that. Money is just a piece of paper that on its own can do nothing. But what you choose to exchange it for can make a world of difference.

You can use money to buy food, you can also use money to learn how to cook. When you use money to learn how to cook you are leveraging money.

When you invest in your personal development by buying books, taking courses, attending seminars, etc, you are leveraging money. And it will translate to making life a lot better for you.

If you don't want to struggle in life then you must leverage a lot of things that make result cheap to achieve. 

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