May 07,2018 at 10:02 am

Acquiring vast amounts of wealth is seen as the ultimate prize for many. But unfortunately they seem to lack a sense of purpose once they achieve  financial success , which then led to boredom.

People tend to think that they want this kind of lifestyle where they're on vacation for the rest of their life ??so they "romanticize" this idea of becoming rich and spending their days lazing around because they hate their nine-to-five jobs. They're so exhausted...and they're so in the rat race that they have no time to even decompress.

The current corporate work-style today is  that of a robot, Employees wake up early, trudge to the office, perform an unfulfilling job, go home and start the process again. Yet most can't quit their jobs to pursue their true passion, because they're bogged down with student debt, high mortgages and car payments.

They're basically drowning from unhappiness due to a lack of autonomy, which makes them fantasize becoming rich and retiring.

Yet most people want to add value to society but don't know how to even begin.
However, those who prioritize accumulating wealth are left thinking "now what?" once they hit their goal.

Additionally, more money does not result in higher levels of happiness or a stress-free life. A recent study of 4,000 millionaires from Harvard Business School found that only millionaires earning between $8 million to $10 million, experience higher levels of happiness than millionaires with lower levels of wealth. Even then, reports the study, a larger fortune is only associated with modestly greater well-being.

Rather than making wealth the end goal, you should focus on finding purposeful work that aligns with your passion. "I think every person with a nine-to-five job absolutely needs to try some form of experimentation whether it's getting back to that vision you had back in high school or make do with that skill that gives you happiness... Take some time to decompress and realize [you] really need an exit strategy.

Moreover, such plans can only be achieved when you plan ahead, "when you fail to plan, you're then planning to fail." Set a financial goal that is stress-less  and enough to end your nine to five rat race. 

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