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Mar 05,2019 at 09:35 am

The Swap package

How would you like to get involved in the world of Cryptocurrency mining with Arkonix Mining ?  

Oh yes! Arkonix Mining, we are based in Switzerland and we are a reliable, fastest growing cryptocurrency mining community. 

Our cloud mining services includes special features that spells out our uniqueness. 

First, let's get you involved, and then introduce you to Arkonix Swap Package feature. With Arkonix Mining, You can start mining your cryptocurrency instantly with Our Dedicated Hardwares without any Extra Maintenance Cost. The mining rigs of Arkonix Mining is fully operational and functional. You can Mine your favourite coins with Arkonix GmbH (Cloud Mining Service) from lesser Hashrates to higher Hashrates. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or pro the ease of control and convenience in Arkonix Mining will make you fall in love with her Services and Offers.

The three main reasons why customers trust Arkonix is because of its user-friendly, Hassle free and No maintenance cost output.

One dashboard rule:

All the mining equipment like your ASIC miners and GPU rigs can be managed from one single Dashboard. Furthermore, on Arkonix Portal doesn't need External Hardware installation as like ASIC Miner. 

Benefits of Arkonix Mining:

  • Easy and Profitable Crypto Mining.
  • Better Services Globally.
  • High Performance equipments.
  • No Maintenance & Electricity Cost.
  • Global presence.

The Swap Package Feature

This process through where you can Switch or Swap one package to another cryptocurrency without buying new HashRates. The main catch here is that with Swap Package feature you can Swap in profitable  Cryptocurrency according to Difficulty Chart.

1.Swap Package only available for those users who had mine cryptocurrency with Arkonix for 1 month minimum.

2.Swap Package is allowed only once in a month a particular package.

3.Swapped Package record will be storages in Swap Package History for user accounting purpose.

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