May 27,2018 at 06:54 pm

Any company which promises high ROI in short time for your investment is possibly a scam. In many countries companies can't even advertise this, as many pyramid schemes are based on it. Unfortunately this practice is commonly found  in the 3rd world nations. 

However, Arkonix Mining investment program is a game changer and these are 5 reasons you should invest.

Easy to use: Start Mining within 5 minutes 

Cryptocurrency mining experience on Arkonix is second to none with an easy to use, transparent and comprehensive website access that enables mining activation within 5 minutes of Pool purchase. 

15 Years Mining Contract 

The erratic nature of the Cryptocurrencies trading price is one major factor that has euthanize  the confidence of investors therefore becoming prey to the Ponzi Scheme scammers who promise unrealistic short term earnings. Arkonix Mining contract deal is the first of its kind where you earn daily for the period of 15 years, and with such opportunity I bet you can never loose. 

No Hidden Fees

Transparency is the soul of every flourishing business. Mining on Arkonix platform comes with an easy set up, registration is free. After complete profiling you have the access to purchase any Pool of your choice with no extra charges to anyone. If you need help the support team are always ready to assist. 


Privacy is one of our top-most concern on Arkonix Mining Platform, the operation is based on a top level security that enables 2FA verification before access to your account. 

Appealing Affiliates Program 

You can work with the company and promote Arkonix, which will give you a bonus for every person who invests and buys a mining package. There is no obligation to refer people to join the business in order for you to earn, but only investing in a mining pool you will make daily residual mining income but if you choose to market the business as well you will earn extra commission paid out on 11 levels of partners below you.

BTC $500/one time

Earn an average $140.1/month

  • Hashpower 22 TH/s
  • Mining days: 360
  • Alghoritm: SHA-256
  • Daily Fees: $3.11

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How much can you earn with

BTC $500 22 TH/s
BTC $2800 74 TH/s
You can earn an average of $140.1/month
Maximum earning for this package $ 154.11 per month Actual earning for this package $ 133.095 per month Algorithm SHA-256 Daily Fees $ 3.11
You can earn an average of $475.77/month
Maximum earning for this package $ 523.347 per month Actual earning for this package $ 451.9815 per month Algorithm SHA-256 Daily Fees $ 6.99