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Jun 27,2018 at 10:24 pm


Once your profile has been successfully updated


1) On the user dashboard go to the left sidebar and click on "Buy Pool".


2) Select the desired cryptocurrency you want to start mining, then select the desired pool according to the amount you are willing to invest.

3) Click on the "Add to Cart" button.

4) Once on the "Cart" page click on the "terms and conditions" checkbox and proceed to place order by clicking on that button.

5) Once you have selected the mining packages you want to purchase, you will be offered a vast array of payment options; Simply select "Credit & Debit Card" and confirm you order, you will be redirected towards a secure payment page where you will be asked to select

6) The card service provider (Visa or Mastercard)

7) Input your card details and confirm the payment

8) You will be redirected to your Arkonix Dashboard with a successful order confirmation message.

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Jun 27,2018 at 06:52 am


What is a Salary?

Salary, is a specific amount of money that an employee is paid for work done.

The big question is Which type do you earn?

1. Onion Salary: - You grab it, you open it, and you cry.

2. Storm Salary: - You don’t know when it’s coming or going.

3. Menstrual Salary: - It comes once a month and lasts only four days.

4. Magic Salary: - You touch it and it disappears.

5. Amnesia Salary: - You can’t remember what you spent it on.

6. Time Travelling Salary: - You spend it paying various debts even before you collect it.

7. Active Salary - Once you stop working, it stops.

But there is another one called RESIDUAL INCOME

What is Residual Income?

You work once, and it keeps paying you over and over and over again even AFTER you have stopped working.

Whether it's magic salary, amnesia salary or onion salary, the moment it STOPS coming, your life becomes unbearable.

Financial LITERACY is the tool needed to TRANSFORM your salary into a RESIDUAL INCOME, so you can create financial freedom and time freedom.

ONLY YOUR INVESTMENT can keep you going even after all the onions, amnesty, travelling, active salaries have left you drenched.

Research has it that the poorest group of people in the world are Salary earners, next to beggars.

They live in a vicious cycle of poverty managed on 30 days. Salary is continuously being awaited every month and any slight delay brings about heartbreaking anxiety, pressure and disappointment.

Salary Is a short term solution to a life time problem.

Salary alone cannot solve your money problems. You need multiple Sources of income to balance.

The tax returns form contains about 11 income streams, salary is just one.

Don't live Your Life fishing with just one hook, there are many fishes in the ocean.

Salary Is the value someone has put on your effort, How much do you value yourself?

You can't increase in value, unless you VALUE yourself differently.

Life is a trade off between time, effort and reward. To be rewarded more, you have to become more valuable.

Most salary earners end up poor in the long and short term.

Salary is the bribe they gave you to forget your dreams

Build a LEVERAGE SYSTEM today and secure your tomorrow by taking a bold step into wealth creation with ARKONIX MINING. 

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Jun 26,2018 at 08:11 am

Education is probably the single most influential tool to ensure that poor countries have the resources to pull themselves out of poverty. While many historic, social, economic, political and international issues play an important role in Africa’s existing educational situation, one can only hope that the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency will shed some light on the existing roadblocks that the continent faces in fighting its education poverty.

There are 12 countries in Africa–namely Malawi, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Chad, Ethiopia, Congo, South Africa, Namibia and Comoros–in which 30 percent or more of children do not meet a minimum standards of learning by grades four or five.

Addressing Africa's education crisis, ?African governments must implement policies that reduce poverty in rural areas, such as adopting blockchain technology and development of its infrastructure in such sector like health, finance, politics, core-education, and agriculture. 

While urbanization is certainly good for Africa’s industrialization and economic growth, a synergy between rural and urban development needs to be maintained if the quality of education in rural Africa is to be improved. 

To vitalise such addendum Africans must embrace the opportunities that comes with cryptocurrency dealings and lend their heart to proper education on how to prosper and create wealth that is trans-generational. 

Since inception, Arkonix Mining has announced their keen interest in the prosperity of Africa's community,and therefore extending the most profitable cryptocurrency mining opportunities that offers a 15 years package deals at affordable hashrates. 

So if you believe in the child-education in Africa, and in the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency mining to generate wealth and improve the life of Africans, then it's time to swing into action and stop waiting on the government. Cryptocurrency is giving power back to the people to decide who they want to be. 

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Jun 22,2018 at 10:22 pm

As a coin has two sides so too is every situation with its pros and cons. This also applies to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. As more and more people are turning to cryptocurrency, the risk factor involved in the industry rises as well.

Be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, all of it comes with a vast number of fraudulent activities. Staying one step ahead of the common people, scam artists set such ingenious traps and the naïve easily become their victims.

Therefore, it is important to do proper research before stepping into the world of cryptocurrencies. The fraudulent activities commonly experienced by amateurs on cryptocurrency sites are many; some of them involve the use of scam coins, contracts, and mining rigs. It doesn’t end here though; the fraudsters are evolving day by day as technology evolves. Thus you should be very alert while indulging in any crypto trade or business. Moreover, figuring out the authenticity of any Bitcoin cloud mining contract can be a difficult task; many websites can write fake reviews for a particular contract firm in exchange for a certain sum of money.

Thus, it is best not to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or even Litecoin on the basis of surface knowledge. Proper research from genuine sites and complete analysis before taking any decision must be key points to stay out of any scam and end up losing hard-earned money.

What Drives the cloud Mining scam?

Statistics suggest that from 2014 to 2015, there has been a gradual shift in the type of people indulging in mining rigs. Earlier, individuals used these rigs without giving any second thought because they were very inexpensive. But lately, the prices have increased to a level where a single individual cannot afford it. Also, 80% of the Bitcoin has been mined till date, suggesting that the cryptocurrency market is in a boom; hence, making it easier for the scam artists to easily dupe people by offering multiple contracts for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other Altcoins as well. 

The main reason behind this is the vast network of the cryptocurrency that spreads across the globe; not falling into a trap can be difficult, however, not completely impossible. Staying alert and following a few guidelines can ensure easy identification and prevention of any scams.

How can you Prevent cloud Mining scam?

Some of the traits which scamsters use nowadays include:

  • They never register the domain name in the name of any real user; also, they never reveal the domain name.
  • In order to provide an illusion of prestige and authenticity, they register a company whose directors are foreigners instead of local citizens as forging the documents is easy abroad.
  • When asked about proof for verification, fraud sites usually provide vague answers.
  • To provide an illusion of honesty and confidentiality, the initial funds that the client invests, are used to make payments, keeping aside the funds received.
  • The fraudsters show a verifiable Bitcoin address from where they make the payments which eventually will stop paying someday.
  • They focus more on promotion instead of quality substance which is usually baseless and vague.
  • The websites to whom the verification of the company is not a priority make the advertisement; also those websites write favourable reviews in exchange for a large sum of money.

Keeping the above points in mind and staying alert over the internet investment in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, cloud mining scam can be prevented.


Jun 20,2018 at 11:18 pm

Based on research, financial independence and/or freedom is an issue that does not exclude anyone living on this planet earth. We can all be financially free but hard truth we can't all be financially free.

According to Robert Kiyosaki,  “Financial freedom is a MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, And EDUCATIONAL Process”. The first part of the process is EDUCATION which is exactly what we are here for. The MENTAL and EMOTIONAL parts belong to you.

In case you didn't know, one day you'll die. and i want to tell you that your job that you hate is a waste of your life.

Most of us usually get a job right around the age of 20 years old and retire at 65 years old. and if we're lucky we live all the way to 80 years old.