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Jul 26,2018 at 07:27 am


A lever is something that enables you to open or lift something by applying a little force at one end while it generates a greater force at the other end.

Life will be very tedious if you have to do everything based on your own strength. The most successful people, therefore, are those who have mastered the art of leverage.

There are many things around us that we can leverage to make life a lot more pleasant for us. Some of them we will be looking at today.

1. Time

Time is one thing that we all have on an equal measure. Nobody has more time than another person. We have all been given 24 hours each. The difference is what you do with those 24 hours.

You can get almost anything done if you start early. A lot of us waste a large chunk of the time we have and then start lamenting that we don’t have enough time.

Leverage your time of trials to develop character.

Leverage your time of isolation to develop yourself.

Leverage your time of job-hunting to learn a new skill.

2. Ideas

Everything you see around you today was once an idea in someone's mind. ?This tribe was once an idea in my mind.

Just one idea can change your life forever. Not all ideas will work out, at least not immediately. But no idea will work if you don’t try to execute them and that is what it means to leverage on an idea.

3. People

Don’t try to be a superman or superwoman. And don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. The worst you will get is a No.

Everybody that helped me when I needed to make my first sales were people that I thought never believed in me.

4. Systems

Systems are a set of things working together to produce a common result. Just as you have the respiratory, digestive, reproductive systems in your body, there are also external systems you can leverage to make life easier and get results faster.

The different Facebook groups you belong to, for example, are systems  you can leverage to enhance or promote your products.

5. Money

Money gives you great leverage but few people know that. Money is just a piece of paper that on its own can do nothing. But what you choose to exchange it for can make a world of difference.

You can use money to buy food, you can also use money to learn how to cook. When you use money to learn how to cook you are leveraging money.

When you invest in your personal development by buying books, taking courses, attending seminars, etc, you are leveraging money. And it will translate to making life a lot better for you.

If you don't want to struggle in life then you must leverage a lot of things that make result cheap to achieve. 

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Jul 23,2018 at 07:57 am

Congratulations to the leaders who made 50,000BV(Business Volume) in Arkonix Mining. They are now qualified for the Arkonix Mining Europe Tour. 

Moral lesson; if you don't give up you can succeed in anything/everything you do.  

To succeed in life, and to experience a rapid growth on Arkonix Mining platform you will need more than your individual charming skills and knowledge. 

You must learn to be a Team player if you must go far. 

Here are the attributes of a team player to guide you into the week.

1.  Adaptable - if you won't change for  the  team  the team  may change you. 

2.  Collaborative - walking together precedes winning together. 

3.  Committed - there are  no half-hearted champions. 

4.  Communicative - a team is many  voices with a  single heart 

5.  Competent - if you can't, your team can't.

6.  Dependable  - Teams go to  go-to  players 

7.  Disciplined - where there's a will, there's a win. 

8.  Enlarging - adding  value to  teammates is invaluable. 

9.  Enthusiastic  - your  heart is the source of energy for the team. 

10. Intentional - make  every action count. 

11. Mission Conscious - the (big) picture is coming in  loud and clear. 

12. Prepared - preparation can mean  the difference between winning and losing. 

13. Relational  - if you get along, others will go along. 

14. Self-Improving - to  improve the team, improve yourself. 

15. Selfless - there is no I in team. 

16. Solution Oriented - make a resolution to find the solution. 

17. Tenacious  - never,  never, never quit. 

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Jul 18,2018 at 07:25 am

As interest in Bitcoin grows, more people are being introduced to cryptocurrencies each day. This is exciting, but there are still common misconceptions and myths surrounding this new financial system: here we shed light on few.

1. Bitcoin is used for illegal activities (like drug dealing) because it’s anonymous

Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin is not anonymous

It’s pseudo-anonymous. This means that all transactions are recorded on the public blockchain, along with the addresses of the wallets involved. Although no identifying personal details are included on the blockchain ledger, if you figure out who owns a particular wallet, you then know they were responsible for all transactions from that address.

People have always found a way to carry out illegal activities, long before Bitcoin existed. Maybe they always will. In any case, it’s far easier to trace than cash. Bitcoin now has numerous legitimate uses and its use by criminals has shrunk dramatically.

2. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, so it’s not a currency

The same statement can be applied to any currency.

If we all stopped believing in the pound (or the dollar or euro or any other currency), it would cease to have any value.

Value is in our minds.

3. Bitcoin has been (or will be) hacked — it’s not safe

Bitcoin itself has never been hacked and probably never will be.

Some exchanges, wallet providers and other cryptocurrency related companies have had their security compromised. Most, if not all, of these hacks, have been the result of preventable security lapses. 

It’s also your responsibility to take extra precautions

For example, you should turn on 2-factor authentication and use strong passwords. The same precautions apply to any other store of value, and there are always going to be risks. Bitcoin has some security advantages, provided you make use of them.

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Jul 14,2018 at 09:24 am

According to a Harvard Business School study, the best rainmakers in professional firms have certain characteristics. 
Most of the characteristics are the result of learning, not genetics. 
Most professionals can be rainmakers. If you are willing to study, practice, and focus on improving your selling performance, you can be a rainmaker. 
Evaluate yourself on the following five attributes. 

Willingness to Spend Time to Develop “Like and Trust” 

Businesspeople conduct business with people they like and trust. They won’t do business with you if they don’t like you, no matter how great a professional you are. 
If you are unwilling to personally meet with prospects, your prospects don’t have a chance to develop “like” with you. And, even though you are honest to the core, communicating ambiguity, uncertainty, or an unwillingness to take a position does not engender trust. 

Acceptance of Responsibility for Results 

Too many people use a variation of the old line, “The dog ate my homework.” The best rainmakers take full responsibility for results. 
If you don’t succeed at winning the new account, don’t blame the economy or your partners. Instead, when you don’t meet with success, work harder to turn the negatives to your advantage later. 

Above Average Willpower and Ambition 

The Harvard study concluded that self-discipline is a key for top sellers to succeed. Any person who has the willpower to master the knowledge needed to pass the CPA or bar exam has an enormous amount of ambition and self-discipline. 
No matter how tempted top sellers were to give up, they persisted toward goals. 

Intense Goal Orientation 

For you to be a top rainmaker, you must make this a goal in your business life. Ability to Approach Strangers Every seller has some level of call reluctance. But the best rainmakers train themselves to overcome the butterflies and get out of the office and meet people. 

High Level of Empathy 

Until you are able to put yourself in your client’s shoes, imagine their needs and concerns, and then respond appropriately, you will only be a minor league rainmaker. 


Now ask yourself: How did I rate as a rainmaker? What should I be doing to improve my selling ability? 

Its time to stop blaming the Market price value and change your strategies. You can still make a huge difference in the ARKONIX MINING community if you follow the Tips above. 

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Jul 05,2018 at 07:45 am

Money is hiding in things people dont want.

You will only make money in these 3 places.


The first place where you will find money is with people. All businesses need people to make money. 

Doctors need people to make money and they call those people patients. Checkers and Woolworths needs people to make money and they call them customers. Mortuaries need dead people to make money. 

If you run away from people you are running away from your riches. If you say you are shy and can't talk to people then it means poverty will be your best friend. 


The second place to make money is to find solutions to people's problems. Most people run away from problems because they don't want to find solutions to their problems. 

That's why we don't last in things that we start because immediately when a problem comes we run away and say it's not working. 

If only you can find solutions instead of complaining about your problems you will be a better person and you will become successful. 


The last place you can find money is with opportunities. 

Most people run away from opportunities because they don't like such opportunities. 

You don't have to like an opportunity, if you can just find  the benefits that come with the opportunity and focus on such benefits you will become successful. 

Most of the things that make people successful are not the things they love but it's what they will get out of those things. 

Now how are you making your own

 money? Don't tell me about a job because you will be poor for the rest of your life as long as you are loyal to your job. 

The richest people in the world look for and build networks while everyone else looks for a job. 

Don't let the opportunity that will turn your life around pass you by, cryptocurrency mining is still the most lucrative way to accumulate wealth. 

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