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The benefits of mining with Arkonix Mining

Based in Switzerland, We offer the safest and most secure possibility for users Worldwide to instantly start benefitting from the incredible opportunity which Cryptocurrency offers from the source itself, Mining.

Arkonix gives people around the world, the currently easiest and best way to invest they're hard earned money! Our mining systems are continuously controlled by our team of experts and upgraded with the most sophisticated Hardware available on the market. Arkonix has made it as simple as possible and suitable for non-experienced, experienced and large-scale cryptocurrency investors. Arkonix is a Swiss-based, medium sized multi-algorithm cloud mining service provider, thus offering users an alternative to engage in mining bitcoin as well as 6 other major cryptocurrencies. Arkonix's long-term vision is to continuously expand it's current facilities in order to position itself in the next 2-3 years as one of the major Mining Companies Worldwide.


ARKONIX GmbH, Ur Stradon 38 6994 Aranno, Switzerland

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Why Choose us

We are convinced that most mining systems cannot compete with our services. Below are but some of the advantages of choosing Us!


Daily Payouts

Daily Payouts of mining output


You control the Mining

Our customers can decide which coins they want to mine with their purchased packs and can swap to another coin whenever they want!


Regular Withdrawals

You Choose When and how much to Withdraw.

Immediate-Mining-No Hustle

Immediate Mining & No Hustle

No need to pay or wait around for shipping. You are not wasting even a second of mining, you start immediately. No downtime due to system crashes.


Transparency in all systems

No hidden fees or commissions. You get what you agree to sign up for.


Great Bonuses

Appealing affiliate program, through which it is possible to get bonuses just by inviting friends.


High Level Security

Setup by security specialists, employing encryption, sophisticated anti-fraud procedures and DDoS protection. ARKONIX mining pools are much safer than most of the standard pools. The mining facility is fully insured.


Mining Bitcoin & Altcoins

We offer 6 different Altcoins as well as Bitcoin mining, thus giving our best to satisfy the largest number of people around the Globe looking to diversify their investments. As such we may add additional coins in the future.


Privacy Policy

Privacy is one of our top-most concerns.
It is not a secret that many early Cryptocurrency enthusiasts joined for this very reason, and being part of them, we make sure that all your private data is kept securely encrypted in Switzerland, and not shared with any 3rd party.

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